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While there will be signups on the day, we advise to signup beforehand to guarantee a place if you're entering the Talent Show, Cosplay Masquerade or Cosplay Auction.

All other events are on the day signups only! Again read the link above for a comprehensive list!

Video by Superpowerless

Anime & Manga Highlights

Paul Schmidl Peter is an American voice actor. He has voiced over 100 characters, including Kurama in Naruto, Yammy in Bleach, Punch in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Mondego in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Jorgun in Gurren Lagann, and Higa in Durarara!!, and can be heard as various Digimon (the most recognized being Leomon). Some of his notable roles in video games include: Xemnas in the Kingdom Hearts series and Yuan Shao in Dynasty Warriors.

You can read more about him on his wikipedia page here.

Quinton Flynn - QUINTON FLYNN is an Award Winning Voice Actor, Internationally Known as: Raiden (METAL GEAR), Axel (KINGDOM HEARTS), Jhin (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) Reno (FINAL FANTASY) and Prince Kael’thas (WORLD OF WARCRAFT, HEROES OF THE STORM). You know him from Anime as Iruka Sensai (NARUTO) and Kon (BLEACH)! Plus: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (Series), MASS EFFECT (Series), CRASH BANDICOOT, MAD MAX, BATMAN ARKHAM CITY ORIGINS, CALL OF DUTY, LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (Series). He has portrayed such famous characters as: SPIDERMAN, VENOM, DEADPOOL, HUMAN TORCH, SPEED RACER, JOHNNY QUEST, and GOLLUM, ELMER FUDD. Serving Multiple Voices on ROBOT CHICKEN, Quinton was TIMON on TV’s TIMON & PUMBAA and SNOWBELL on STUART LITTLE.

A stage veteran, Quinton is always happy to trot out his myriad of impressions and original characters when he performs “Live” doing his Improvisational Stand-Up during personal Q&A performances where you’re always “In Like Flynn!”

Even more Anime & Manga..

Anime Cinema shall be showing screenings on the big screen in the backroom courtesy of MVM Films and Crunchyroll. It shall be a great chance to see what's up and coming and add to your watch list when you get home! As well as Anime there will be a variety of internet screenings from well known series such as DBZ abriged.

Anime Exhibitors - Expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more, as well as some of the UKs most well known manga and comic artists in attendance. A full list of exhibitors and artists in attendance will be released closer to the event.

Manga Workshops & Artist Alley - UK's top artists will provide advice and workshops on Manga for artists of all levels! Make sure to also check out their independent works and collaborations with other publishers.

Gaming Highlights

The event will see close to 100 setups and 100s of gaming titles available to sit back and play with. Gaming shall take place in five main areas; the Tournaments Zone, The Video Gaming Stage, the PC Gaming and Indies Zone, the Modern Gaming Zone, and the Retro Zone.

Gaming Stage

There will be an entire stage set aside to gaming, including talks from names within the industry and community as well as performances, fun contests, games, quizes and much more! Highlights include;

**Animeleague Does Go 8 Bit** - our very own adaptation of the popular Go 8 Bit TV gameshow will be heading to the Video Gaming stage on the Saturday. Expect to see some some unusual indie games and win yourself some prizes and clan points!
**Retro Game Challenge** - Think you can speed through a Super Mario Bros stage in the quickest time possible, or gobble up all the pellets in a Pac Man maze before your opponent? Join us on Sunday at the gaming stage for a chance to duke it out in a series of retro games and earn some prizes and clan points!
**The Big Gaming Quiz** - Returns on Saturday with none other than the Retro Lords hosting. Get some friends together and enter your team for a chance to win a £50 prize!
**More to Be Revealed** - We have talks from top youtube gaming guests, gaming musicians, industry, from members of the gaming community and big tournament finals on stage to come! This year will see our best ever gaming stage lineup - make sure not to miss out!

The Tournaments Zone

Get ready for our biggest ever tournament lineup at London Anime & Gaming Con ( All tournaments are free to enter when you buy your entry. We have over a dozen tournaments, including Three Headline Events with three £100 cash prizes up for grabs in Smash, Overwatch and League of Legends!

Tournaments include; Smash 4 Doubles, League of Legends 1v1, Tekken 7, Mario Kart 8, Overwatch 1v1, Smash 4 Singles, League of Legends 2v2, Street Fighter V, FIFA18, Rocket League and Call of Duty WW2. You can read full information on what tournaments are happening, the prizes available and the rules on our Tournaments FAQ Page.

And for the first time we will be running challenges across the weekend! For the more casual gamer, challenges allow you to pick up and play at anytime - the objective being to beat the fastest time, the highest score etc.

Challenges include; Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Sonic Mania, Mario Kart, DDR and Red Faction Guerilla. You can read full information on challenges, the rules and prizes available for them on our Video Game Challenges Page.

The Retro & Modern Zones

Grab a game from our extensive library, sit down with your friends and have fun! A casual chillout area for gamers by gamers. Also a great place to make friends and become a part of our gaming community.

We have everything, consoles include NES, SNES, Megadrive, Master System, Mega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, right up to the latest consoles such as Switch, Wii U, Xbox1 and PS4s. There'll be tonnes of setups to sit down and have some fun with your friends!

PC Gaming & Indies Zone

Featuring the latest games to check out from a variety of developers. We shall be providing some top-end PCs and running a League of Legends tournament and overwatch. We'll also be running more retro-pc gaming as well as well known indie games for some good old LAN Gaming! Make sure to come along.

Table Top Gaming

One of the biggest feedback from previous events were that while there was plenty of experience with RPGs, there was not enough with board games and there was uncertainty on how to get involved if they were by themselves. To address this; we are going to be extending our staff line up to include true board game veterans who will be able to recommend and teach you games as well as help you join existing groups and maybe if you pick the right game, might even join in for the fun! ��

We know that certain games require abit more organisation and commitment therefore a number of games and events will be scheduled with a sign-up sheet on display this includes the following from large games that can host up to 64 down to the smaller ones that can do a maximum of 5:
- Ultimate werewolves
- Two rooms and a boom!
- Dead of winter
- Zombiecide
- Giant Jenga
- Dead Last
- Castle Panic

There will of course still be a huge range of casual board games to pick from - even more this year as we have invested in a larger selection!

We are also extremely pleased to welcome on board (sorry for the pun) both Games Quest and Esdevium Games to this section. Games Quest and Esdevium games have a long history working in tangent together and will be demonstrating and running games. Make sure you come down to check their offerings out.

Now with all this board games we must not overlook our RPG section, for this we have a whole host of games ranging from scheduled sign up RPG adventures that will be run by a member of our team to the pickup and play RPG’s which are 1 to 2 pages long, very simple and can be run by anyone. We have a large catalogue of games so we will release a complete listing of our offering closer to the time once we have cherry picked the best ones for the con.

RPG Adventures will include scheduled Dungeons and Dragons and a number of custom games. Pick up and Play Games include; Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, Lasers and Feelings, Sea Dracula, Monster Mash, Against the Odds and many more besides.

And of course there will be the usual TCGing, which includes casuals and tournaments. Tournaments include YGO, Pokemon, MTG and more. You can read the full TCG lineup here.

Cosplay Highlights

Cosplay returns bigger and better than ever with three massive competitions with top prizes, talks and workshops with some of the community's biggest names from across UK and Europe, cosplay chillout gardens, a photography area and many fun cosplay events. Highlights include..

Cosplay Competitions & UK Cosplay Championship Qualifiers

There will be the cosplay masquerade on both the Saturday (3pm) and Sunday (3pm). Interested in competing? You can read more and apply via our Signup Form. You can read the cosplay masquerade rules on our Cosplay Masquerade Rules Page. Pre-Signups online are open until one week before the event.

The top 3 placed winners from Saturday and Sunday's Cosplay Masquerade will qualify for the UK Cosplay Championship Finals later in the year and join over 30 of the UK's best cosplayer who have qualified for the finals across 2018 (Full info on that you can read @ ). The eventual winner will receive a £500 worth of prizes, which includes a £250 cash prize, the Cosplay Championship trophy, two tickets to an AGC of their choice in 2018 and £200 worth of prizes donated by sponsors Xcoser ( ). The top five placed winners from the Cosplay Championship will also all receive an opportunity to guest at an AGC event of their choice in 2018.

You can read more information on the rules and the full prize list on our Cosplay Prize Pool Page.

Home of the UK Cosplay Community with Top Guests

Ani-Mia has been cosplaying since 2008 but has been a geek since she was sporting her Knight Rider tees at age 3. Her love for video games, comic books and anime are reflected in her wide variety of cosplay costumes. The majority of her costumes are hand-crafted by herself though she has teamed with top designers on a few occasions. She has worked with numerous convention organizers and artists to provide her services as a professional, model cosplayer for general fans and fellow cosplayers alike. She has had the opportunity to travel to conventions across the globe, judge numerous costume contests, appear in both online and print magazines and meet tons of amazing people including those within the industry and fans! She is also convention coverage writer for Otaku USA Magazine and a Crunchyroll Ambassador. The one thing she really wants to do is help bring the cosplay community together as a whole and has been involved in numerous charity events and panels on topics such as body image and positivity within cosplay. She also has a love for providing her knowledge in costume making to new cosplayers. Check out her fb page here and her website at

Community is a key part of London Anime & Gaming Con with many of the UK's leading cosplayers and groups in attendance. We already have nearly 20 confirmed, and you can check the latest guest announcements out on our forums HERE

Our guest lineup will host talks across all aspects of cosplay. This will include talks on community, costume-design, prop-making, modelling, performance, photography and much more.

A Fun Time for Cosplayers, involving YOU!

It's not all about contests and guests. We seek to include everyone, so we have many events to get involved with including the Cosplay Auction where you put yourself up for bid to raise money for Epilepsy Action, the Cosplay Blind-Date to make friends or maybe find your valentines sweetheart before the big day and much more. There will also be the J-Fashion Show, where you can show off your unique style from Lolita to steampunk to Goth or whatever expresses your individuality. From the serious and professional to the fun and silly, our cosplay events have something for everyone.

In addition there will be areas put aside for cosplayers to chillout, to have their photos taken and much more. All in all we seek to give cosplayers an amazingly fun time with many activities and events to make new friends and awesome experiences at!

Live Music Highlights

London Anime & Gaming Con features a strong music and entertainment focus, showing off popular J-pop performers, upcoming bands and performers throughout the event. Go check out our exciting lineup at our Guest Page. Here's some of our guests of honour, just a small highlight of a massive music lineup-

(Coming Soon, we will reveal this closer to the event!)

Party Highlights

We ARE the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until midnight on Friday, 1am on the Saturday and midnight on the Sunday (it's the same venue, just located downstairs). The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks, Free lollipops, Dance-Off Contests with Dancers and Variety Acts through to past midnight.

Of course, if partying is not your scene, there will be a range of late-night events including Karaoke and areas to chill out.

Other Highlights

There's too many other highlights to list. But here's the top ones to watch out for:

#1 Talent Show: Find a Star - We continue our 2018 search for talent in the convention-scene! Do you have a hidden talent, be it singing, dancing, stand-up performing or pretty much anything? Come enter the Talent Show, show it off and win a £50 cash prize and the opportunity to develop your act with us and star on stage at our future events!

#2 Big Geek Quiz - Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness and an awesome £50 prize for the winning team!

#3 Dub That Anime - The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging! This can be done as an individual or group so if you think you have what it takes to be in the next Team Four Star then you can signup on the day (just come along).

#4 Harajuka Fashion Show - Our unique fashion show, for unique style from Lolita, Steampunk to Goth, walk the line and show your creativity and individuality. This show does not discriminate, and is open to both the general public as well as professional models; anyone can enter no matter your size or shape.

#5 Much much more - Make sure to check out the full timetable and schedule when it gets released to read up on everything that will be happening at the event!

Pick a Clan!

A key part of LAGC are the clans! You can join a clan beforehand or at the event itself.

Here's the links to each clan's HQ topic on the forums. Go join by just posting in the HQ -

[Coming Soon]

Upon arrival, you will be given a conbadge to wear corresponding to the clan you're in. Any events or tournaments you win will earn you points toward your choosen clan. At the end of Sunday, the winning clan and the member who scored the most points are both announced and prizes are granted!

Two key clan events also take place; the Clan Battle Kicks off on Saturday (first thing) and the Clan Battle Showdown on Sunday (last thing). We will be releasing more info about this shortly, stay tuned!