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When and Where? – 5-7 July, Rocket Complex, 166-220 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DB. Full Info HERE. Highlights? – Click HERE to view. Note Friday is a preview day with half the event closed. Special Guests? Click HERE to view. How much? Discounted Online. Full Three Days £29 or from £9 a day. Full price Tickets also available on the door. Further Questions? Read the FAQ and/or Contact Us.

Make sure to get your tickets soon for the anime, gaming, cosplay and comic event of the summer!

Meet our Guests

We have nearly 50 guests lined up. Ranging from Cosplayers, Performers, YouTube Stars, Voice Actors, Panelists and More. More to be Added Soon.


Manga Artists

Crownroot are to host a talk on how to create anime/manga, and a workshop where they'll help review people's art

Press X

Press X


Press X are a 5 piece rock band with songs inspired by video games. It was formed when Dr Mobius finished Bioshock 2, and felt strongly compelled to write a song about Subject Delta and Eleanor. More songs soon followed, and he then sought other musicians to bring his compositions to life. Their music spans several sub-genres of rock, ranging from J-rock to Pop Punk, blending distorted guitars with 8-bit chiptunes.

They are releasing their EP, Chomping Chains and Paper Planes at the LAGC this year.

Prime Cosplay

Prime Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Prime cosplay reporting in!
I'm a 21 year old cosplayer that started out 2014 from the east coast of England, Norfolk.

Since then I have been competing & judging from locally to internationally. I've created costumes from Fallout, Marvel, Overwatch and a host of others. I enjoy making props, using 3D printing, metalworking and machining.

I try to use a plethora of materials including: acrylic, worbla, metal and a variety of foam.

I am mainly known for my Soldier 76 cosplay or as the Master of the ordinance. I spend most of my free time creating props & costumes.

Feel free to hit me up if you need a hand or help with making something, I’m always willing to help.

Exit to Main Menu

Exit to Main Menu

Live Band

Exit To Main Menu is a five piece Punk/Metal band based in Cardiff, South Wales. The band has already established a fantastic local following and are looking to push throughout this year to play across the UK and beyond. Each members daily lifestyle is heavily influenced by all things gaming, anime and comics, giving them a certain alternative edge.

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